LG 26LC55

A classy and competent LCD from LG

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Our Verdict

A great choice for a 26 inch LCD, LG has come up trumps


  • Classy design
  • Great pictures
  • Easy setup


  • Backlight issues
  • Not a very dynamic set

Stylish in matt black and with a very slick user system, the LG has the look and feel of a very classy set.

You'll be up and running within minutes of getting it out of its box and the picture is highly watchable with just about every sort of source.

The LC55 occasionally aspires to plasma-like naturalism, with a colour palette that is capable of great restraint, which works wonderfully well with more subtle material. Although it is arguably short of a drop of blockbusting, retina-scorching pizzazz.

The only real problems with a generally highly enjoyable performance are a dose of the usual LCD motion judders and an occasional slightly weedy black level performance, due in part to a rather intrusive backlight.