Hisense’s massive 110-inch TV tops a mostly mini-LED lineup for 2024

Hisense 110UX TV on display at CES showing image of mountains
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After introducing a 100-inch mini-LED TV in 2023, Hisense has announced plans to go even bigger for 2024. The company’s premium ULED X series will gain two additional size options: a 98-inch and a 110-inch model.

Oversize versions of the best TVs are becoming increasingly popular, and Hisense, which noted in its CES 2024 press conference that the company’s 85-inch and above category saw an 18 times sales uptick in 2023, is responding with an expanded range of huge TVs. Along with the two new ULED X mini-LED models, Hisense will introduce a 100-inch regular QLED model in 2024. And if history can provide any template, that 100-inch QLED TV will be strikingly affordable for its screen size.

There are key performance differences between the various TVs in Hisense’s lineup, but all models will feature the Google TV smart interface for streaming, a native refresh rate of 144Hz for gaming, Dolby Vision HDR, IMAX Enhanced certification, and Filmmaker Mode. They also feature a new Game Bar onscreen menu, Nvidia G-Sync compatibility, Dolby Gaming, Freesync Premium Pro, and a Game Mode Pro picture mode.

Each model additionally provides Wi-Fi 6e compatibility for enhanced streaming performance and has a built-in ATSC 3.0 (NextGenTV) digital broadcast tuner.

Hisense ULED-X TVs on display at CES

The 110UX and 98UX on display at CES 2024 (Image credit: Future)

ULED X series: 110UX and 98UX  

The 110-inch 110UX provides 40,000 local dimming zones and is capable of a scorching 10,000 nits brightness and 95% coverage of the BT.2020 color space – an impressive feat considering that most 4K TVs achieve only around 80% coverage. Audio specs for the 110UX are also impressive, with a built-in 4.2.2-channel speaker system augmented by the new Dolby Atmos FlexConnect wireless audio technology.

Hisense’s 98-inch 98UX has 10,000 local dimming zones and can hit a peak brightness of 5,000 nits, according to the company. It also has a built-in 4.2.2-channel speaker system but lacks the FlexConnect feature found on the 110UX.

Hisense U8N TVs showing Vermeer painting

Hisense was showing its new U8N and U7N series TVs in a dark, private room at CES 2024 (Image credit: Future)

U8N, U7N, U6N series ULED 

The U8N and U7N and U6N series mini-LED TVs will be available in 55-, 65-, 75-, and 85-inch screen sizes. The U8N has a peak brightness specification of 3,000 nits, and both it and the U7N series feature a low-reflection screen, a 2.1.2 Dolby Atmos speaker system,  and a new Hi-View Engine PRO chipset that “leverages deep learning and innovative technologies to redefine the viewing experience.” Some of the features found in the advanced AI chipset include Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro, Face Detection, AI HDR Enhancement, and AI Detail Enhancement. 

100 U76N QLED 

The new 100 U76N is a regular QLED model that’s being sold in a 100-inch size option. Similar to the rest of the Hisense 2024 TV lineup it features a 144 Hz refresh rate, Filmmaker Mode, and IMAX Enhanced certification.

The U76N will be available in January, with the ULED and ULED X lineups arriving later on in 2024. Pricing for all models has not yet been announced.

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