Nordost Wyrewizard Dreamcaster review

A straightforward cable that delivers good quality and precision in sound

This cable is very pretty, and relatively rigid

TechRadar Verdict

Apart from a slight lack of precision in the top octave, this is a very detailed and neutral cable.


  • +

    Does a good job with bass


  • -

    Not so good with treble

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Nordost’s reputation was built on the company’s distinctive flat cables, but that construction was never well suited to budget products and the ‘Wyrewizard’ models use more familiar outlines. Still, at least one classic Nordost feature remains in the use of multiple (four, actually) individually insulated conductors, twisted together under the braided screen. Insulation is FEP and conductors are silver plated, as is some of the screen.

We can’t help but wonder if some of the screen is left unplated as much for visual effect as for any electrical reason, as it does look very pretty! The overall diameter is only a little over 4mm but the cable is relatively rigid and the long length of heatshrink sleeving used at the rear of each plug does mean that a good three inches is needed behind equipment if cables are not to be forced round corners.

Give it some bass

This seems to be another cable that’s good at bass, with not only excellent extension but also real precision and control. It’s not quite as tuneful as we’ve heard from a few high-end interconnects, but it comes close. It’s particularly good at stereo imaging, which is excellent in both dimensions. Definition in the depth direction is almost as good as it gets at any kind of sensible price, while ultimate extension is also admirable.

In the treble, there’s just a trace of ‘feathery’ quality to the highest reaches (a slight lack of control) which principally affects close-miked recordings with too much energy. Midrange tonality is pretty even, perhaps a trifle lifted in the high mid/low treble.

On the whole, this is a cable that tells it like it is.

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