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Sennheiser HD595 review

Crystal-clear sound and comfier than a cashmere codpiece

Our Verdict

If you love your music enough to spend £300 on headphones, you'll certainly be rewarded


  • Crystal-clear sound

    Very comfortable


  • Pricey, but just how much do you like your music?

In a world where DVD players costing over £100 are now considered virtually high-end, a £150 pair of headphones needs to be pretty darn special.

And luckily, these don't disappoint too much. The first thing you notice is that they're the most comfortable thing you've had on your melon since Gran knitted that ridiculous tea cosy hat for your sixth birthday.

But when plugged into a decent hi-fi, the sound is revelatory - clear and sweet, with a healthy dollop of bass. There are cans around with a warmer, more musical sound, but not for less than £300 - which almost makes these seem a bargain. Almost.