What not to do while working from home

Work from bed
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Working from home has been a culture that has suited a majority of a portion of the working class that has accepted it with open arms. It is indeed convenient in many ways and because people have gotten used to it very much over the past two years, many these days find themselves being reluctant heading back to the office.

However, there is one factor that many overlook and that is workplace ergonomics. While at the office, people are provided with proper desks and chairs, the same setup cannot be expected to be present at everyone's home.

A proper workplace arrangement at one's home is critical to the success of the remote working concept, as being comfortable during work hours results in productivity. Let us look at how not to work from home, for, following them would result in your productivity going down.

Things to avoid while working from home

Working from home

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1. Working on your personal computer

Always ask your employer to provide the necessary equipment. Many organisations today have a separate budget fixed for work from home equipment and be sure to make use of it, while also setting a precedent that you will ask for what is required.

2. Having no proper setup 

Love working on the couch or on the bed? Chances are you are not doing your back any good by assuming a posture that is not natural. A proper office chair, brand regardless, will go a long way in keeping your posture right and will also help you stay focused, which might not be the case while working from on the bed. On a soft surface, you will often sprawl or slump as your neck, back, hips and more are all strained. What's more, peering too much into a tiny laptop screen could also affect one's vision and seldom do people ensure that the screen stays at their eye level, which becomes impossible while working from a couch.

3. Not upgrading to quality technology

Most people do not invest in the latest internet connection, and settle for something less. A network is not worth paying for when it is not safe and if leads to your presentation being cancelled halfway due to lack of signal strength. What it does is reflect poorly on your professionalism.

Work From Home Setup

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4. Staying in a distracting environment

Being focused leads to effective outcomes. If you do not have the luxury of having a room to yourself, find a spot that secludes you from distractions. This is crucial as distractions will lead to tasks getting delayed and prolonged working hours which will affect your health in the long run. Stay away from distractions and finish your work on time.

5. Breaks? What Breaks?

Ever since work from home became a culture, breaks have become non-existent. People are in front of their computer the whole day with no breaks in-between. This will lead to serious health complications and will also affect your productivity. It is important to take breaks at the right intervals regardless of the work at hand. Always take the time to eat properly and to refresh your mind which will help big time. 

6. Ignoring sleep hygiene

While you set up shop in bed and spend all day working there, your brain will be trained to not associate bed with rest. This could eventually lead to insomnia. Ever since work from home started, there has been a global spike in insomnia and sleep disorders and although some are unaffected, there are more than enough cases where people have had their bodies' natural clocks thrown out of whack due to this practice.

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