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Techsmith Snagit review

An expensive piece of screen grabbing software, but is it worth it?

Techsmith Snagit
Snagit interface and layout are impressively professional

Our Verdict

The price and features may be too much for some, but the power and usability is unparalleled


  • Professional feel and features
  • Profiles


  • Expensive
  • Probably more than you need

While Techsmith offers a 30-day trial, the licensed version of Snagit carries the biggest price tag of just about any screen grab application.

However, it's also the piece of software with the most professional presentation and certainly has one of the most complete feature lists.

Captures can be made of pretty much anything on your desktop, including web pages. You can capture full-screen, just what's in the active window, a specific region (either pre-set or by drawing a box on the screen) or set the software to make several captures in a row.

Capturing options

The initial interface has icons for selecting the methods of capture and it's possible to create 'profiles' with pre-determined preferences for capturing.

There are 23 available file formats for saving and converting images, which include PDF and EPS as well as the usual TIFF, JPEG and BMP. You can capture by clicking on the capture button or assigning a hotkey and timed captures are possible aided by an onscreen counter.

Post-processing is handled via a separate, very professional-looking (yet not difficult to master if you know your way around Paint) editing interface.

You can crop and resize images, add annotations, slap on text boxes and stickies, create new frames and borders and introduce effects such as drop shadows. You can also cut out images and stick them onto others (e.g. one person's head on another's body).

Grabs can be uploaded automatically to websites, FTP sites or e-mailed via the application.

Snagit is very much an application for the serial grabber who likes to tailor his or her screenshots down to minute Photoshop-esque levels of detail. If this is you, then look no farther, but if you just want to make the occasional grab it could be considered overkill.

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