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OnOne Software FocalPoint 2 review

Recreate depth of field effects to focus your viewers' attention

OnOne Software FocalPoint 2
Add focus and special effects to your photos with this handy software


  • Gives images a strong focal point
  • Quick and easy
  • Advanced options for bokeh
  • Multiple Focus Bugs, Supports selections and a Focus Brush


  • Focus Bug looks smart but can be fiddly
  • No quick fixes
  • Lens presets don't allow for focus distance

Depth of field control is an important photographic tool. Using differential focus to keep your subject sharp while blurring the background can give your pictures a real focus.

Traditionally, shallow depth of field is achieved by shooting with a wide lens aperture, for example, or a longer focal length lens.

But it's getting harder to do, because today's smaller sensor sizes have a side-effect - they deliver much greater depth of field than old-fashioned 35mm or medium-format film cameras.

Besides, most of us now use zoom lenses, which usually have a smaller maximum aperture than traditional fixed focal length lenses, making shallow depth of field effects even more difficult to achieve.

OnOne software focalpoint 2

You can combine pre-selections in Photoshop with FocalPoint's own defocusing tools to produce more realistic results with tricky subjects where a simple Focus Bug wouldn't work.

OnOne Software FocalPoint 2 is an attempt to recreate these effects digitally rather than optically. It enables you to choose which parts of the picture you want to keep sharp, and which you want to blur.

It offers sophisticated control over the size of the in-focus area, the defocusing effect applied to the rest and even the subtle defocused quality known as bokeh.

OnOne software focalpoint 2 review

FocalPoint offers to simulate classic lenses such as the Canon 85mm f/1.2 used here, reproducing each lens's characteristic bokeh, or defocused blur effect.