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Shuttle D10 Barebones review

Does a touchscreen make this media centre PC invaluable?

Our Verdict

A nice idea and build but we cant help think a remote control would have been a better plan


  • Touchscreen
  • Solid build


  • Limited expansion
  • No Wi-Fi

Recent generations of Shuttle cases are generally bigger than some of the earlier models, but this increase in girth still doesn't save the Shuttle D10 internals from a cramped, fiddly layout.

Harsh for a mini- PC? No, not really.

Shuttle could have used a motherboard with a full PCI Express slot for graphics expansion, but instead it chose the x1 slot, which is useful for just a few TV cards.

The model reviewed also eschewed any wireless networking, which is a thoughtless cost-saving at the expense of massively improved functionality.

Oversights aside, the build quality is exceptional, as has come to be expected from Shuttle, but the quality integrated display in no way replaces a remote control as the preferred input mechanism.

Using the extended display function allows for discrete resolutions on each display, although we'd have preferred to use a button to control this feature rather than the laborious Intel graphics software interface.