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Panasonic debuts world's lightest Full HD cams

Gone are the days when carting round a 1080p camcorder meant back ache and developing arms like Popeye.

Panasonic's latest batch of Full HD shooters claim to be the lightest of any around, weighing in at a mere 227g.

A quick look at Wolfram Alpha and this equates to, er, 91 times the mass of a US penny.

SD storage

Weight aside, Panasonic has managed to stuff a fair few features into the pair's diminutive frames.

The HDC-SD10 and HDC- TM10 are identical in specs, the difference being that the TM10 houses both in-built 8GB storage and an SD card slot. The TM10 makes do with just the latter.

Both come with an impressive 16x optical zoom, touchscreen tech and the usual face detection, and image stabilisation gubbins.

They both also utilise the rather cool 'pre-record' function, so you shouldn't miss out on any spontaneous moments of hilarity.

The Panasonic HDC-SD10 and HDC-TM10 will be in the shops in June, priced at a very reasonable £499.99 and £529.99 respectively.