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CES 2007: Panasonic debuts global VOIP phone

The Panasonic Globalrange BB-GT1540 enables you to make regular landline and internet phone calls.

Panasonic has finally joined the internet telephone party with the launch of its first GlobaRange series of home phones.

The GlobaRange - which is being launched in 12 different countries on the same day - enables users to make free VOIP calls to their friends and family, but only as long as they're also using GlobaRange phones.

The two-model line-up features Hybrid 2-Line technology. This enables you to make and receive both VOIP and regular landline calls on up to eight different handsets at the same time

Each phone's base unit includes a standard telephone jack, plus an Ethernet connection so there's no need to use your PC when you want to make a VOIP call.

The two GlobaRange models are the BB-GT1500B which includes one handset for $100 (£52) and the BB-GT1540 that adds a digital answering machine for $130 (£67).