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Super-fast peer-to-peer tech trialled

P4P trials a success
P4P trials a success

New trials of P4P technology have been run by Comcast and for the first time ever the company has released the results. And they make for impressive reading.

According to the company, P4P technology increases P2P speeds by a whopping 80 per cent.

This is not all: the speed does not increase your network load, keeping bandwidth pretty much the same as if you were using a normal peer-to-peer network.

The way the technology seems to work is by localising P2P traffic – so your computer doesn't go looking for data all over the world, but keeps it within your ISP's own network.

Cheap to run

The trial that took place involved a licensed 21MB video file. The results were impressive. When an iTracker was used (which keeps traffic within your ISP network) upload and download times were increased by around 80 per cent.

This is good news for those who use P2P sites and those that run them, iTrackers servers are cheap to run and fast with it.

Although the technology is still in its trial period, things are looking up for P4P technology.