Sony snaps up Hawk-Eye

Hawk-Eye - popular and now part of Sony Pro
Hawk-Eye - popular and now part of Sony Pro

Sony has acquired Hawk-Eye – the sports tracking technology that has become a familiar sight for sports fans.

Hawk-Eye has been snapped up by Sony for an unspecified amount of money, with the Japanese electronics giant hoping to utilise technology originally developed for military use in its sports broadcasting.

Hawk-Eye is used for the popular, newly integrated challenge system in major tennis and cricket tournaments, and has also been used in football and snooker.

Naomi Climer, Vice-President Sony Europe, commented, "Hawk-Eye is recognised globally for its innovative solutions for resolving close calls in critical sporting situations, particularly in cricket and tennis where they have developed a worldwide reputation."


"Players, officials and sports fans have all appreciated the accurate and entertaining way in which Hawk-Eye has integrated its technology into these key sports," added Climer.

"Hawk-Eye presents Sony with the opportunity to acquire a small, innovative company with unique knowledge and excellent growth and synergies potential.

"It is an ideal complementary offering to Sony Professional's existing portfolio of solutions for stadiums, venues and broadcasters, as well as bringing in specific expertise around managed services and sports software solutions engineering.

"We see strong opportunities on the technological, business and marketing levels to further Sony's leadership and engagement in the sports and broadcasting industry."

Fifa green-light?

Interestingly, Fifa green-lighted the use of technology in football this weekend having mulled it over for some time.

Hawk-Eye technology has long been hailed as one of the potential technologies that could give quick and accurate calls as to whether, say, a football has crossed the goal-line.

The takeover includes all intellectual property, software solutions and engineering capabilities and Hawk-Eye and all of its staff will now join Sony Professional.

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