Sergey Brin takes Google Glass for a ride on New York subway

Sergey Brin takes Google Glass for a ride on New York subway
Google's Project Glass in living colour

Google's Project Glass Augmented Reality specs have made another appearance in the wild, this time on the bonce of company co-founder Sergey Brin.

The company executive, 39, took the glasses for a test run on the New York City subway last week and was snapped wearing them by fellow passenger Noah Zerkin.

Update: Zerkin has added some more detail about the encounter to a post on his personal blog, including the fact that Brin revealed that Project Glass Explorer dev units will be shipping to cash-rich devs within months.

"I told Mr. Brin that I know a few people who are eagerly looking forward to the Glass Foundry events. He told me that the Explorer Edition would be shipping out to devs in a couple of months," he wrote, before kicking himself again for not giving him his card.

Original story continues:

Ironically Zerkin is an augmented reality fan with his own projects in the field, but insists that the meeting was coincidental and that the pair did not know each other.

Speaking after their conversation, Zerkin seemed to be sensing a missed opportunity. He said: "Come to think of it, perhaps I should've mentioned my projects to Mr Brin. Or given him my card."

Rare public outing

The last time Brin, who oversees Google's top secret X Labs innovations, was seen sporting the specs was at a charity event in April last year. A month later, CEO Larry Page wore them at an event in London.

The Android-based glasses will feature a display that sits in front of the users eye and a camera to pick up the world around, and will likely be controlled by voice commands and/or a virtual keyboard.

It is thought that the ultra-futuristic tech is still in the development stages won't be available to the general public until 2014.

It seems likely that we'll learn more about the availability and launch features during Google's annual I/O conference which is coming up in May.

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