See the world's first 8K YouTube video played in 144p


The first 8K video has been put on YouTube, but chances are you don't have the equipment to play it.

The two-minute video, titled Ghost Towns, has a 4320p option (that's 8K) for the four people on the planet who actually have hardware to handle it.

If you're one of the fortunate few then you can view the moody two-minute short, about an abandoned settlement, below. But is it just us, or is history getting lost in the pixels? Nothing captures the antiquated feel of this setting like true 144p, in our opinion.

So strap on the nostalgia goggles and get ready to take a slow-pan journey through history as it was meant to be experienced.

Is anyone else already getting that old-timey feel?


C'est Magnifique!


Erm, did we just step into a time machine? It's like we're actually in the room.


Start your engines... your nostalgia engines, that is!


Goosebumps. Talk about "lag-free vistas"!


We can't even.


Hugh Langley

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