One More Thing: Tom Cruise should have been Steve Jobs

One More Thing: Tom Cruise should have been Steve Jobs
Even Kutcher is better than the proposed action figure

There's no Monday worst for a journalist than one after April Fools Day, where the internet is a veritable minefield of misinformation and utterly dreadful joke news. Lucky, we at TechRadar managed to tread carefully to find enough dreadful news that's actually not a joke but real. Like the fact Ashton Kutcher is to become Steve Jobs…

Would you Adam and Steve it? – Ashton Kutcher, he of er (sorry for this quick break while we check Wikipedia to see what he has done other than date Demi Moore) That '70s Show fame is set to star as Steve Jobs in an upcoming biopic of the late Apple CEO.

How, was he cast? Well, we secretly know it was done by Google Instant. Pop 'Steve Jobs looks like' in to Google's wonder machine and Steve Jobs looks like Ashton Kutcher gets second billing.

We're guessing Tom Cruise was unavailable, as was John Lennon and Ghandi… [Total Film]

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Electric Dreams – Star of Back To The Future and failed real-life car the Delorean is making a comeback as an electric vehicle. The DMC-EV has been resurrected by the original creator's son and there will be a limited launch of the vehicles.

Unfortunately, it doesn't come with Doc Brown, but you should be able to get 100 miles to the charge out of it which is plenty to get away from those pesky Libyans. [BBC]

Has everybody heard about the bird?Angry Birds is to take flight from its original concept as a handheld game and will become a cartoon series set for launch later in the year, according to makers Rovio. This news comes after the fact that Angry Birds will get its own theme park as well.

According to the cartoon's maker it will be less about the slingshot and more about the birds. Which is a shame as we always wanted to know about the history of the slingshot. [Telegraph]

Saving Face – That little known but soon to be popular social network (you heard it here first) Facebook is nearing the end of one of its biggest legal disputes, where Paul Ceglia, the creator of StreetFax is claiming 50 per cent ownership of the site. Want to know more, then watch the David Fincher movie about it. No, not the one which features rape and mutilation, or the one with Meat Loaf fighting, nor the one with the head in the box or the one where the old man gets younger and turns out to be Brad Pitt. The one with lots of keys tappity tapping. [MacWorld]

Quick on the draw – The creator of DrawSomething, the game which is far enough from Pictionary to stop the courts getting shifty, has announced that the one person who didn't make the move with the company to Zynga is in fact a 'failure'. The strange rant on Twitter has soured what should be a good time for Omgpop – a company that Zynga saw fit to purchase for more money than you or I will ever see in our lives ever. [Wired]

Apple stewed – An iTunes scammer has been sent to jail after his swindling the site through the stealing of hundreds of credit cards was found out. This all happened ages ago, but because of court orders, only now will the scammer have to do his four year jail sentence. Well, that's the courts excuse – we reckon it took that long for him to figure out how to scratch the foil off the back of the cards to redeem the vouchers. Idiot. [Huffington Post]

Total Recall recalled – The new trailer for the Total Recall reboot has landed and, shock-horror, it's actually very good. Although, we reckon it could do with more three-boobed ladies. That and a Schwarzenegger audio commentary. [Total Film]

More fool you – Yes, even the might of TechRadar can't resist a few April Fools now and again. You may have seen over the weekend that we reported on new 'retro film' SD cards and a Photoshop feature that can turn a baby into an old man. Well they were made up, fake, ridiculous and us having a laugh. Yes, we laugh sometimes and then cry a little bit afterwards to balance things out.

Cross-town traffic – Google is looking to change the way we use sat nav, by taking the data from drivers on the roads who have opted in to have their GPS information tracked. This real-time update actually sounds like it could be useful – if a little scary for those who don't know their phone is being used for this purpose. [PsyOrg]

Thanks for the cat – The creator of Adblock made Catblock as an April Fools' joke and there was so much demand for it, he may actually release it properly. That's if he doesn't pussy out first. [Reddit]

Bonus video of the day - Here's the wonderful HTC One X and how it compares with the Samsung Galaxy S2 in our tests...

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