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Amazon Pantry said to deliver grocery goods in 2014

Brown paper packages tied up with...tape

First drones, now groceries. There is no end to Amazon's it's-so-crazy-it-may-just-work thinking, which may also turn us into a society of shut-ins.

USA Today has word from in the know sources that Amazon is prepping a service called Pantry to sell and deliver items usually found in grocery stores.

Due to launch in 2014, customers will be able to fill set sized boxes with items like kitchen paper rolls, pet food, dry items and beverages. They can load the box as much as they can up to a certain weight limit, and as long as the box doesn't tip the scale too far, Amazon will ship it for a small fee.

The service is aimed at Amazon Prime customers and is said to put warehouse club stores like Costco in its sights. Pantry will start with 2,000 items and it sounds like it's all systems go from here on out.

More blips!

"Clean up, aisle 7. We have a blip spill. I repeat, we have a blip spill."