Windows 10X has a new File Explorer – and this is what it looks like

Windows 10X File Exploree
(Image credit: Zac Bowden)

Windows 10X will come with a new File Explorer which ties in closely with OneDrive as part of its overhauled desktop, and we’ve just got a glimpse of that refreshed interface.

File Explorer, as you may be aware, simply refers to the part of the Windows interface which lets you browse through the folders and files on your machine (or in the cloud).

And it’s set for big changes with Windows 10X, as spotted by Windows Central, with the new modern File Explorer being a much more streamlined affair (in keeping with the rest of 10X, of course).

As mentioned, the idea is to provide close OneDrive integration, and the ability to browse local files alongside those which you have stashed away in Microsoft’s cloud storage locker.

As you can see from the images above and below, the new interface is so simplified that it looks pretty sparse, but remember that it’s still an early working version of the revamped File Explorer.

Clearly, though, the idea is to produce a far less cluttered take on the File Explorer which currently exists in full-fat Windows 10.

Light and shade

This new File Explorer is actually a web app, Windows Central clarifies, with some operating system integration hooks incorporated. The app also boasts a light and dark mode, which is to be expected.

Windows 10X is the spin on Microsoft’s operating system which is specifically designed for dual-screen devices like Surface Neo (although seemingly the plan is it will eventually come to traditional clamshell laptops, as well).

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