Weak Wi-Fi ? Devolo has the cure – and it's Magic

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Wi-Fi has been a godsend in the last few months. But while Wi-Fi is brilliant, all the time we've spent indoors has made us very aware of Wi-Fi's weak points too. 

There's the comfy corner that's rubbish for video calls. The sunny spot the signal doesn't stretch to. The room where a gaggle of gadgets are locked in a Battle Royale for bandwidth.

Devolo has the answer, and it's magic. Magic 2 WiFi, in fact. With the devolo Magic 2 Wi-Fi next, you can get super-fast speeds anywhere. And we mean anywhere.

Banish buffering and get smoother streaming

Stop us if you've heard this one before. You fancy a movie night but the Netflix stream keeps stuttering. You want to play the latest AAA game, but it needs a massive patch before you can play it and the download speed's diabolical. 

You want to catch up with the gang but the best room for a Zoom is just a little too remote from your router.

These things happen because Wi-Fi can suffer from range, capacity and interference issues – so a signal that's brilliant here is really weak over there, or a connection that's just dandy for your Smart TV starts to slow down when it’s having to share with the second screen on your tablet. The solution to these problems and more is to create a mesh Wi-Fi network.

With a mesh network, your devices see a single wireless network – but it's actually made of multiple access points. As you move from room to room, your device simply switches to the access point with the strongest signal. It's a bit like the way mobile phones work when you're out and about: your smartphone seamlessly switches to the nearest, strongest signal. 

With devolo Magic 2 WiFi next, you can do the same at home.


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The Magic way to make a mesh

Instead of having a single router struggling to connect your entire home, devolo's Magic 2 WiFi next uses multiple access points and connects them via powerline networking to create an ultra-high performance mesh network.

Powerline is a brilliant solution to the problem of walls, ceilings, radiators and other obstacles that can reduce Wi-Fi's reach and power: it sends data through your home's existing electrical wiring, effectively making those obstacles disappear and enabling you to bring super-fast Wi-Fi to any room. 

When we say super-fast, we mean super-fast: devolo Magic 2 powerline adapters can deliver speeds of up to 2,400Mbps over the power grid and up to 1,200Mbps via Wi-Fi.

Super-fast for all the family

That's the range problem taken care of. But what about capacity? Magic 2 WiFi next solves that too. It features Multi-User MIMO (Multiple Input, Multiple Output) technology to connect multiple devices to the internet simultaneously. 

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Each device has its own connection to the access point so things run smoothly and speedily even when the whole family is online at the same time. 

Magic 2 WiFi also ensures that each device gets the right kind of connection. Band Steering automatically finds the right wireless channel and frequency for each kind of device, and Airtime Fairness gives priority to devices with fast Wi-Fi so older kit doesn't slow down the network for everybody.


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It's a kind of magic

All of this happens like magic because Magic 2 WiFi next does all the technical stuff for you. 

When you set up your network the Magic 2 WiFi access points all find one another and mesh together; all you need to do is plug each one into a spare wall socket and let devolo's Config Sync do the rest. 

And when your devices want to connect, they see a single Wi-Fi network with one network name and one password no matter where in your home they are and which access point they're closest to. 

Do wonders for your wireless

If you'd like to bring some Magic to your devices, you can choose from the two-adapter Starter Kit and the three-adapter Whole Home WiFi Kit – ideal for bigger houses. You can also buy the Magic 2 WiFi next adapters individually.

To find out how devolo Magic 2 WiFi next can work wonders for your wireless, check out the range on devolo.co.uk or buy it directly from Amazon.