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Virgin is offering a £75 voucher on its best fibre broadband deal...but it ends today

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Fast speeds, affordable pricing, reliable service, maybe even a tempting little freebie thrown in for good measure. These are all factors we look for in broadband deals and Virgin's latest offer has hit each one.

Despite the usual prices Virgin charges, it's pretty cheap at just £24 a month, matching the likes of Vodafone and TalkTalk for price and it doesn't even charge an upfront cost.

Then for that relatively low price, Virgin will offer you speeds averaging 108Mb which is more than double most other fibre packages at this price. Then for the final cherry on the top, Virgin is currently including a £75 voucher.

Hold out for a few months and that extra bit of cash can be used to score a bargain when Amazon Prime Day rolls around.

You can find out more about this awesome Virgin broadband deal below:

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Virgin M100 Fibre Broadband | 12 months | 108Mb average speed | £24 per month | FREE activation + £75 voucher
This latest offer from Virgin is pretty fantastic. It offers speeds averaging 108Mb at a price of just £24 a month. There's nothing to pay upfront and on top of the excellent speeds and pricing combo, Virgin is also throwing in a £75 voucher on top.
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Is Virgin fibre broadband available in my area?

Approximately 60% of UK households can get superfast Virgin broadband. It's quite simple to find out if you're included in this percentage - head over to our dedicated Virgin broadband deals page, enter your postcode where indicated (at the top of the page) and if the deals show as available then you're good to go.

If no results are returned, then head to our best broadband deals page instead and do exactly the same thing to see whether you can get superfast fibre broadband with another provider, such as BT Fibre broadband.

Existing Virgin Media broadband customers

Sorry, the Virgin website states that these limited-time offers are for new customers only. However, there's no harm in trying to get a slice of the pie, so if you're already a Virgin broadband customer we suggest you get in touch with customer services before trying to place an order.

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