Village Roadshow will sue the pants off you

Village Roadshow Piracy

Plan on indulging in a little illegal downloading? You may want to steer clear of Village Roadshow's titles if you want to keep yourself out of court.

In an interview with SBS, Village Roadshow's co-founder, Graham Burke, has promised the company will pursue pirates.

When asked if the company was willing to sue, Burke said, "Yes, it's wrong. [They have] been warned, notices issued, that they have been doing the wrong thing. Yes we will sue people."

Burke said the he wasn't concerned how the move might influence the public's perception of the company, insisting the Village Roadshow isn't pursuing innocent people: "We're certainly not going to be seeking out single pregnant mothers."

See you in court

He insisted that his concern extended further than his company's bottom line, and that leaving piracy unchallenged will lead to great films will no longer be made.

"If piracy isn't addressed, there won't be a Casablanca, there won't be a Red Dog, and there won't be a Gallipoli. There won't be the business model that allows them to be made," Burke said.

It's an odd point, as all three of those films obviously already exist – meaning the danger of them not being made is rather, er, small.

And when three of the top six highest grossing films of all time came out this year (Jurassic World, Furious 7, Avengers: Age of Ultron) it's hard to swallow the assertion that piracy is in danger of stopping the film industry in its tracks.