Transform your 4K TV into the ultimate streaming center with Shield TV

If you’re a gamer, movie lover or TV show watcher, a 4K TV should be high on your shopping list. These incredible displays offer higher resolutions than current HDTVs, resulting in increased visual fidelity and overall picture quality that truly brings your favorite entertainment to life.

But a 4K TV by itself isn’t enough. To get the most out of the new centerpiece of your entertainment center, you need to add a 4K capable streaming device like NVIDIA’s SHIELD TV. Not only will it give you access to an entirely new way of viewing your favorite games, shows, and movies, it’ll also bring useful bonus features like NVIDIA GameStream. Here’s a closer look at how the SHIELD TV can help you get the most out of your new big screen.

A true home theater

We’ll lead off with a pretty exciting recent announcement: Google Play Movies and TV just added 4K support for SHIELD TV, adding their incredible selection of 4K movies to SHIELD’s growing library of 4K streaming content. Hundreds of hits from major studios such as Sony, Warner Bros., and Fox are now available to stream. There’s a wide range of choices, from classics like The Godfather to recent releases like Mad Max: Fury Road, so no matter what your tastes are, you’ll find something great in 4K.

SHIELD TV also supports multiple major video streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Video, so you can access their extensive catalog of 4K offerings as well. Best of all, both Netflix and Amazon support high-dynamic range, or HDR, which delivers richer colors and a sharper image for films and TV shows available in 4K HDR.

The stream dream team

SHIELD TV acts as a bridge connecting your 4K TV with your NVIDIA GeForce GTX GPU powered gaming PC. The latest GeForce GPUs will let you cast your PC’s gaming session right to your 4K TV, so you can play your favorite titles on the couch. Better yet, if you own a GTX 1080 Ti, you can cast to your TV at up to 4K HDR,  maximizing the level of detail and the vibrancy of color.

It’s also incredibly easy to set up. All you need to do is download the free GeForce Experience software on PC and set up an account. The tool will automatically update your drivers, optimize your settings, and get you ready to cast your game sessions through GameStream. From there, your SHIELD TV will sync with your gaming rig so you can kick back and game from your couch.

4K gold standard

As 4K becomes the norm, more and more people will experience the increased visual depth and detail. That’s why NVIDIA is committed to making SHIELD TV the best streaming device for 4K TV owners. By offering access to 4K movies, TV shows, and games, SHIELD TV will unlock the full potential of these amazing displays and turn them into the ultimate streaming entertainment center.

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