This Android P feature will remember your preferred Bluetooth volume

Android P

Android P is shaping up to deliver some truly useful additions, and it’s still early in its developer preview. The latest feature to be implemented is a smart volume control, of sorts, that remembers the volume settings of each Bluetooth device logged to your phone.

For as smart as phones and tablets have become, something like this fills in one of the few remaining “dumb” parts by playing your music, podcasts, what have you, at a volume neither too high or low to infuriate you.

This in-development feature is called 'Implement Bluetooth device volume memory' and is likely to make its way in the next release of Android P, which we expect either before or during Google IO 2018 in early May.

What else will Android P bring?

The 'P'-flavored (that sounds gross, but it’s Google’s fault for not sharing a name yet) operating system appears to inject more surface-level changes into the experience, as opposed to iOS 12, which is rumored to be heavy on fixing the bugs that caused so many iOS 11 problems

Even in its first developer preview, Android P is a surprisingly smooth operator and the improvements made to the user interface will impress those who have been away from Google’s OS for some time. You can check out our first impressions of the beta update here.

If this smart Bluetooth volume control makes its way as we expect it to, phone owners who are eligible to upgrade are going to have a tough time waiting for its release, likely to hit in August.

Via Android Police

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