These brilliant headphones were already a great deal before Prime Day - now they're even cheaper


We already loved the Philips Fidelio X2 when we first reviewed them - in fact we bestowed them with a TechRadar coveted Editor's Choice award and they've sat near the top of our list of the best over-ear headphones ever since. 

Now these headphones are seeing a steep discount as part of Amazon Prime Day 2017, with their price dropping from the recommended price of £272 to £129.99

Since their release these headphones have been sold at an average price of around £230 on Amazon, so frankly everything about this deal impresses us. 

A quick word of warning however - these are what's know as 'open-back' headphones, meaning that they don't offer great noise isolation and will leak sound into your surroundings. The result is that while these are great sounding headphones, they're definitely meant for home, rather than on-the-go, usage. 

If that sounds like how you like to listen to your music then this deal will be available for the rest of Prime Day. 

  • It's Amazon Prime Day 2017, the online shopping giant's annual mega sale. Stick with TechRadar for how to grab all the best deals.