The Ultrawide Screen Experience


 How many displays and workstation monitors do you usually toggle between at work? One, or maybe two. Well, for creative professionals  it could be more than two big screens. Professionals including  designers and photographers need extra screen space which is both  distraction-free and easy to navigate around. For them, it’s crucial to  have monitors that offer immersive experience of visual display.  Traditionally, we’re adapted to work on multiple monitor workstations  with connectors that drive the displays together. However, it’s not only  cumbersome to manage multiple displays; it’s throbbing to keep  shuffling around to work with the photographs, spreadsheets, and other  webpages.

Thanks to the ultra wide displays which are better –in many ways, than  the typical 16:9 displays, at least for creative professionals such as a  music composer. These monitors offer a little extra screen real-estate,  a display that’s 21.9 aspect ratio –which is similar to movie theatre  screens, and have no bezels in between windows offering you an  experience that amounts to being more productive.

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Whether you are a designer, or a photojournalist, you will end up loving these curved displays  for the sheer advantage it offers in terms of windows and panes that it  could fit on your screen, without having them to play down and shuffle  around all the time.

One may argue on the economics of these ultra setups, but ultra wide  displays will soon turn to be the viable replacements for multi-screen  set-ups for creative professionals already. After all, these monitors  are designed with ease and productivity in mind –the two key things  content creators look for.

With 16:9 aspect ratio being the current mainstream standard,  widescreen monitors are slowly but surely getting omnipresent. Let’s dig  deep into the propositions that make these screens fascinating for  creativity lovers. Just as a primer, aspect ratio refers to the  proportion between the width and the height of a picture.

Ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio is immersive and you’ll feel like you’re  part of the action. The expanded view makes it easy to see multiple  documents at the same time without moving back and forth all the time  between them.

The displays are meant for multitaskers  and creative pros. The Screen Split feature of these monitors come  handy for the pros which divide the screen into four two-by-two  customizable segments. Thus you can see four different windows at the  same time.

It helps many a times to get multiple devices function off the same device. LG,  which is one of the leading players in the display space, has taken a  brilliant approach to ease off this. You can connect two compatible  portable devices --whether it’s a PC, camera, or a phone -- to the  monitor, and view both on the same screen at the same time!

The LG UltraWide  displays allow you to connect up to six compatible devices and move  data between them at incredible speeds. The two channels of 10 gigabits  per second are up to 20 times faster than USB 2.0.

The LG Ultrawide screens are Mac-compatible; the LG 34UC97-S let Apple  aficionado connect Mac device directly thus eliminating desk clutter.

Just like the curved TVs, curved monitors look stunning too. Designed  to draw you close to what's on the screen by casing around your  peripheral visual details, these monitors offer vibrance, better  response times and wide viewing angles. LG, for instance promises you  2.4 times more visual information at one time than full HD monitors. You  can browse through the   LG UltraWide range here.

It all depends on how you work and what you work on, though,  multi-screen replacements are a boon for creative professionals and  content creators. Indeed it’s #TheProfessionalsChoice!