The outdoor security camera that sees everything

(Image credit: EZVIZ)

Our smart homes are growing, fast. What started off as a cheap smart speaker in the kitchen, or a Wi-Fi enabled light bulb in the bedroom, has quickly become a multi-device, multi-room setup in many homes - but don't just think about indoors.

If you're interested in expanding your home's smarts and security, it's time to consider a smart Wi-Fi security camera, and EZVIZ has your covered with the C8C.

It's much smarter than rival cameras thanks to its colour night vision, 360-degree vision and AI-powered person detection, and it costs much less than many lesser cameras – let's find out what it can do... and see.

The camera that sees much more

Most outdoor Wi-Fi cameras have a fixed lens with a relatively narrow field of view, so they can only see a relatively small area. To watch over a large space you'd normally need to install multiple cameras to see every angle, adding unnecessary expense and time to the process. With the C8C, you just need one.

The C8C has a whopping 352-degree horizontal view and 95 degrees vertical, giving you an easy overview of everything around you, and it's all controllable via your smartphone or tablet.

The C8C's incredibly mobile camera shoots video at 1080p Full HD resolution, and the C8C can hear as well as it sees thanks to its noise-cancelling microphone. Together they enable you to see and hear what's happening no matter where you are via the EZVIZ smartphone app.

And because the C8C uses advanced H.265 video compression technology to stream video, you get better video quality that uses just half the bandwidth of rival cameras. That means smoother streaming video and recordings that need less space to store.


(Image credit: EZVIZ)

Smart features to protect your property

The EZVIZ C8C has a novel round, compact design that looks good anywhere, and it's weatherproof so you don't need to worry about sun, rain or snow.

It has twin spotlights to warn and illuminate people on or near your property, and its colour night vision and professional optical lenses make it easier to identify important details such as clothing or the colour of a car.

And you don't need to worry about false alerts: its AI-powered person detection can tell the difference between a potential intruder and someone's pet. 

In a nice touch you can turn off the colour until human movement is detected; that enables you get really long-range night vision of up to 30m (100 feet) and then full colour as the detected person approaches.

The human movement detection is really clever and really useful. It's much smarter than traditional motion detection, which can't tell the difference between a person and a plastic bag: the C8C's embedded AI algorithm analyses the movement to identify only human shapes, and if it detects human movement in one of your customised detection areas it'll alert you immediately.

More ways to share and store your video

The EZVIZ C8C gives you a choice of where to store your recordings, and it can even save to two locations simultaneously to give you extra peace of mind in case the camera gets damaged or you have network issues. 

The C8C can record directly to a microSD card, and you can also save your footage to EZVIZ's encrypted cloud storage service.

No matter which version you choose, everything is controlled via the excellent EZVIZ smartphone app. This enables you to capture, save, protect and share what's valuable to you, with live streaming video and audio, instant alerts, video history, camera control and up to 8x zoom.

It also enables you to set up customised activity zones so you won't get false alarms if you live near a busy road or don't want to be notified of everyone who walks past your driveway.


(Image credit: EZVIZ)

The clever camera from the smart home guardians

EZVIZ is no stranger to smart home security, as it's been making innovative and award-winning security products since 2013 to help you protect what, and who, you love.

The firm is laser-focused on delivering products to create a safe, convenient and smart life for everyone, and the C8C is a great example of that: it's an affordable smart camera that punches way above its price tag, offering features that other cameras can’t match. This is what better looks like.

Find out more about the all-seeing C8C outdoor Wi-Fi security camera and how it makes it easy to protect everything that matters to you.