Virgin Media on-demand service sails past 200 million views

Virgin Media celebrating catch-up coup
Virgin Media celebrating catch-up coup

Virgin Media has revealed the latest stats surrounding its on-demand TV service, celebrating the fact that its catch-up offering has hit 200 million views in 2010 alone.

In the first three months of the year, the amount of homes viewing content from the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Virgin1 and Living – as well as the myriad movies on offer – has also risen by 250,000 year on year, to 2.1 million homes.

Demand is high

Virgin Media is putting the rise down to the quality of programming on offer. The likes of Glee, Shameless and Skins meant that 8 million tuned into 4oD in March via the service.

Around 250,000 tuned into EastEnders Live on the iPlayer through their Virgin Media boxes alone.

In February, the BBC announced that the iPlayer was receiving some 120 million requests a month, showing that the need for on-demand content has never been higher.

"Watching TV on demand is now part of the nations' daily viewing habits, with millions of people tuning into the TV programmes they love when they want to watch them," said Cindy Rose, executive director, digital entertainment, at Virgin Media.

Virgin isn't slowing down in its push for on-demand content. Later this year, the company is set to release its own web rival to the iPlayer and Sky Player.

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