Update could put Apple TV controls on your wrist

Apple TV

The new Apple TV getting a fancy, feature-rich touchpad remote is yesterday's news.

Today's hot-off-the-press rumor is that an update is coming to the Apple Watch that will enable it to talk to the new Apple TV the Cupertino company is expected to show at WWDC 2015.

Apple rumor site 9to5Mac was the one to spill the beans on the Apple Watch update, but didn't have all the details on what the interface will look like or how it would work - only stating that it would likely utilize Siri for voice search.

9to5Mac's informant also claims that a new version of XCode - the software used to develop iOS and Mac applications - will include the ability to develop third-party apps for Apple TV. This means that we may actually see more than the few dozen apps available on the "walled-garden" platform today.

Last but not least, the site confirmed that Apple's new live-TV service will also make an appearance on the box, but will likely be late to the launch party.

The Apple TV 2 (Apple TV 4?) is expected to debut at Apple's WWDC 2015, which takes place June 8 - 12 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, Calif.

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Nick Pino

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