BBC Two finally makes the move to HD

BBC Two finally makes the move to HD
Springwatch will be making itself at home on BBC Two HD

Update: That's all she wrote, folks. The BBC HD channel is dead, long live BBC Two HD.

Everything has happened as per our original story from February 19 which goes a little something like this:

Hardcore BBC HD Channel fans will want to get up early on March 26 to say goodbye to their favourite channel, as it's replaced by BBC Two HD at 6am that day.

It's arriving a little later than the BBC Trust had planned - we were promised the changeover in 2012 - but we don't imagine many people will have been frustratedly emailing the Beeb requesting updates since January 1.

The new channel will broadcast the same schedule as regular BBC Two but in higher definition, with new resolution-boosted programmes including Paul Hollywood - Bread, The Fall, Science Britannica and Keeping Britain Alive.

Old favourites

Mock the Week is included in a short list of programmes described as 'old favourites' in the HD format, which seems generous. It is joined by Springwatch and QI - the value of panel shows populated by fairly scruffy comics being broadcast in HD is yet to be determined.

BBC Two HD will be freely available on Sky channel 169, Freeview/YouView on channel 102, Virgin Media channel 187, Freesat channel 109 and BT Vision channel 852, although you'll need an HD tuner and HD TV to take advantage.

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