Sky listed among YouView content providers

Sky working with YouView
Sky working with YouView

UPDATE: Sky has insisted that it is "too early to say" if it will offer content on YouView

Sky is working to provide content for the YouView platform, according to a release by the BBC-backed IPTV project.

With a launch date pushed back into 2012, positive news around YouView - a project involving all of the terrestrial broadcasters as well as BT, Arqiva and Talk Talk - has been thin on the ground.

However, in a press release about interested content providers YouView has listed BSKyB, raising questions about whether the paid-for Sky Player will be an option through what has been described as the next iteration of Freeview.

Content providers

"The content providers working with YouView are Blinkbox, Blinkx, BSkyB, Film4oD, Golant Media Ventures, Guardian News & Media, IndieMoviesOnline, LOVEFiLM, Pushbutton, Radioplayer, Stream UK, STV, Travel Channel, Tvinci, UTV and woomi," said YouView.

"Alcatel-Lucent, Blinkx, Capablue, Deluxe, easeltv, IMD, ioko, Kaltura, Nativ, Ooyala, Red Bee Media, Technicolor, TripleSEE and Twofour form the technology and service providers' advisory group."

Sky has always insisted that it will not rule out being on the platform, despite being opposed to it, and YouView's CEO Richard Halton has told TechRadar that the company would be delighted to carry Sky channels.


"We're delighted with the response we've had from the creative industries," said Halton, of the latest announcement.

"We want all types of content providers to be able to deliver their content via YouView so viewers get the best possible choice.

"The diversity and expertise of the organisations that are informing our development will ensure that YouView is able to support a potentially unlimited range of content in the future."

So, when YouView launches - apparently in early 2012 - it could at least bring some interesting pay options for those who cannot get, or do not want, a satellite dish.

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