CES 2008 special

Welcome to CES 2008!
CES 2008 is up and running

The 2008 Consumer Electronics Show is up and running - and we're here to bring you the latest developments as they happen.

We're on the scene (hello from Las Vegas!) and are covering each event in full so you can see what the big trends are, and we'll give you full details on the flurry of new products that an event of this magnitude brings.

Our team of on-the-spot reporters will also bring you exclusive interviews with key industry players, so please check back often to find out how consumer tech will shape up in 2008.

Friday 11th January:

CES 2008: Who soared, who crashed & burned? (pt 2)

Blu-ray interactive is spookily familiar

CES's winners and losers: our verdict (pt 1)

What's new in laptop tech?

Bloggers disrupt CES but prank backfires

Hottest trends in MP3 player tech

Casio presents ultra-fast Exilim DSLR

Thursday 10th January:

Hands on with Sony's new Mylo 2

Corsair debuts 32GB memory sticks

Flashy OLED TVs hog the limelight in Vegas

PocketSurfer3 on the cards for late this year

SanDisk USB drive backs up data online

What's better than a 150-inch plasma?

Wireless Lumix camera due from Panasonic

XBox 360 could go Blu-ray, says Microsoft

How to charge your PC with solar power

Intempo drops first low-power web radio

Wednesday 9th January:

Creative prepping iPod-killing Zen touch?

Linksys extends its media streaming range

Alienware demos giant 'curved' widescreen

Toshiba refuses to let HD DVD die

Evolution, not revolution for Sharp's Aquos

Sharp's new Blu-ray comes with everything on

Hands on: Sony Alpha A200 DSLR

Microsoft fails to inspire at CES

Belkin's Wireless HD dream box

Asus puts WiMAX in gear with 2nd gen Eee PC

HP stokes the digital home fire

Mitsubishi 'Laser TV' heralds DLP return

Tuesday 8th January:

New HP laptops designed to entertain

SlingCatcher finally sees the light of day

Paramount set to drop HD DVD?

Pandora radio to stop UK broadcasts

Creative's Zen Stones grow a speaker

The CD is dead, long live HD-AAC

First 45x zooms for Canon camcorder range

Pioneer: 'Our 720p set is better than 1080p'

This is the best television in the world

Pioneer explains tech behind super-thin TVs

Intel: Our future is the personal internet

iRiver Spinns up a storm with sexy MP3 player

JVC brings back disappearing car stereo

Toshiba saturates market with 20 new TVs

Thinner is beautiful on LG's new LCD line

Sony shows off 27-inch OLED TV

Multi-room sound and vision from Philips

Motorola to give BT next-gen IPTV boxes

Monday 7th January:

Philips designer TVs all style, not substance

Philips' chief: 'Women call the shots'

Gates' vision for the second digital decade

Last Gates keynote lacks real drama

Toshiba: 'HD DVD is not dead'

Budget Pioneer receiver shows HD potential

LG to enhance mobile TV

Netgear is living in a Metamaterial world

Philips sticks it to iTunes with Real deal

Sharp: 'Forget OLED, LCD is the future'

Philips Blu-ray player gets BD-Java ready

Sunday 6th January:

Pioneer tears up flatscreen TV rulebook

Bill Gates: a final CES farewell

The mobile Internet revolution starts here

Picture this: pocket OLED photo viewers

B&W makes CES comeback

Is 2008 the year of Wireless USB?

Who needs LG's dual format HD player?

JVC goes iPod mad

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