SanDisk USB drive backs up data online

The Cruzer Titanium Plus - small on the outside, 4GB-worth of big on the inside

Backing up files couldn't be more tedious, which is probably why most of us don't bother to do it. Until it's all too late and you lose years-worth of music, movies and photos to a corrupt hard drive.

With the large data capacities that USB memory sticks offer us these days, it's not uncommon to keep essential files on such a device, only to go and drop it down a drain, or leave it in your pocket for a one-way trip to washing machine city.

Online back-up for precious files

SanDisk, purveyor of multiple flash media formats, has recognised this and its new Cruzer Titanium Plus now comes with an automatic back-up facility.

Every time you copy a file to the stick while using an internet-connected PC, the content is backed up to SanDisk's own servers. If you connect the 4GB stick to a PC without an internet connection, the back-up will intelligently take place next time you do have an internet connection.

Should you leave your Cruzer Titanium Plus at home, damage or lose it, then you can retrieve your files from your online back-up in seconds. The first six months of online back-up are free, after that you'll need to fork out $29.99 (£15) for a year's cover.

The suggested retail price of the Cruzer Titanium Plus is £59.99 (£35). Sometimes, the best things really do come in small, crush-resistant metal packages.