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Panasonic and Eurosport team up on HD

Panasonic kicks off IFA's press conferences today
Panasonic kicks off IFA's press conferences today

Panasonic has announced a partnership with Eurosport to provide HD video to selected plasma TV owners.

Available on "selected Viera plasma internet-connected HDTVs", a new interface will allow users to access web content through their remote control.

Eurosport already provides a wealth of sporty goodness on its internet site, and the plan is to allow TV users to not even have to bother to get up and open their laptop to access the HD vids.


The service will launch in spring 2009 in Europe, transmitted in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian, with around 500 videos available at the start.

"Fast-paced change in technology, digitalisation, and media spread has opened up whole new vistas for growth.

"At the same time, we have increasingly sophisticated means to reach consumers, to create dialogue and to better understand their needs and desires," said Jacques Raynaud, Vice-Chairman of the Eurosport Group.