Boxee TV set-top box revealed as Box user support ends

Boxee TV
Foxy Boxee

Back in November 2010, D-Link helped launch the Boxee Box, a streaming media box with aspirations to compete with Apple TV.

Now, almost two years later, Boxee has announced Boxee TV, a new set-top box that combines standard cable with over-the-top content like Netflix and Vudu, as well as unlimited storage with a cloud-based DVR.

The brand-new Boxee TV will retail for $99 when it launches on Nov. 1 in the U.S.

Speaking with Mashable, Boxee CEO and Founder Avner Ronen related the idea behind Boxee TV was to make watching TV simpler for consumers.

Unfortunately, the advent of Boxee TV means the company won't be supporting the Boxee Box very much at all moving forward.

No Limits DVR

One of Boxee TV's main draws is its new cloud-based DVR, dubbed No Limits DVR.

Launching in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Philadelphia and Washington D.C. for $14.99 a month, any Boxee TV owner will have unlimited storage space for shows digitally recorded.

In addition to watching recorded programs on the television, users can also stream the content to any laptop, tablet or phone through Boxee's website.

Most importantly, the broadcast signal will never be compromised, even if the internet connection is lost, as Boxee uploads all DVR'd programs directly to its servers.

Boxee hasn't revealed how much space non-subscribers will be able to utilize as of yet.

Netflix, Vudu, Pandora and more

Along with being able to watch standard television broadcasts, Boxee TV allows its users to utilize over-the-top services like Netflix, YouTube and Vudu for video, as well as Pandora for music streaming.

It's a good thing too, as Boxee TV will only be able to pick up non-encrypted and local television signals (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC) with its antenna, though there Boxee will include an input for basic cable subscribers to hook up.

Though it's unlikely cable providers will work out a deal with Boxee TV over their signals, the inclusion of these apps (and the others reportedly coming) is a good start for the new device.

Bye, bye Boxee

To make room for the new Boxee TV, the original Boxee has discontinued its Box starting immediately.

Boxee is also drawing back the amount of support existing Boxee Box owners receive.

While bug fixes will still happen time to time, there updates will no longer happen as Boxee focuses its attention on its new TV.

"We hope you have enjoyed [the Boxee Box] and will continue to use it in your living rooms, dens, bedrooms or wherever else you set it up (I met one guy who installed it in his yacht!)," Ronen stated on the company's site.

"If you are living in the U.S., we would love for you to continue our journey with us and order Boxee TV when it comes out."

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