Apple's live TV streaming service now targeting a 2016 release

Apple TV service
Live streaming aimed at 2016

Cable-cutters looking to Apple to give them a cheaper TV service are going to have to wait until next year to see its new live TV streaming service take hold.

We've got a pretty good idea that the new Apple TV is going to make its first appearance at Apple's San Francisco event on September 9, along with the new iPhone, but what is unlikely to be announced is the anticipated TV streaming service.

Originally the service was meant to be unveiled this year, with a potential appearance at WWDC this year, alongside the new Apple TV. But those expectations were dashed with rumours suggesting an inability to nail down the TV providers stalling the service.

A recent Bloomberg report says that's still very much the case, citing un-named sources hinting that Apple is now targeting a 2016 release for the service as it's still trying to license programming from the big broadcasters.

Going live

The plan though is to create a service, likely to be US-only at least in the beginning, which offers live TV channels from the likes of ABC, CBS and Fox for around $40/month. All of this is set to be streamed over the internet straight to your new $99 Apple TV box.

Or, indeed, your iPad or iPhone.

With the number of pay-TV subscriptions dwindling, as people shift towards over-the-top services like Amazon Prime and Netflix, it is reported that the networks are interested in a new player coming in to license their content.

But with nothing likely to happen, or even be officially announced, this year it remains to be seen just how interested they are in sharing pay-TV subscription money with Apple.

We're also interested to see how many people are genuinely interested in a new way to watch live, linear TV broadcasts when the Netflix model is cannibalising existing pay-TV services.

After all, how much live TV did you watch in the last week?