Android TV set to land at Google I/O with focus on content rather than apps

Android TV set to land at Google I O with focus on content rather than apps

Google is all set to reveal its latest stab at owning the living room television with Android TV expected to be announced at the Google I/O conference in June.

Gigaom claims the firm will use its annual conference, which kicks off on June 25, to showcase a new platform that puts content front and centre, rather than apps, with a heavy focus on Android gaming.

Android TV will be powered by a brand new UI, that's been referred to internally as Pano, giving users the opportunity to jump right into movies, TV shows and games without entering individual apps first.

The user interface will be similar to the Amazon Fire TV platform and will be Chomecast compatible, according to the sources.

Saddle up, partners

The report claims Android TV won't be a device per se, but will exist as a platform Google hopes will be adopted by TV manufacturing partners, who could be part of the launch announcement in a few weeks.

The key question, though, is why Google would be looking to launch such a platform given the abject failure of Google TV and the subsequent success of Google Chromecast?

We're likely to find out on June 25.