No do-overs: Aereo aims to block CBS from suing it a second time

Aereo iPad
The revolution will not be televised

Cable networks have become the grumpy, old curmudgeon to the internet's hipper, younger streaming providers.

Constantly shouting in the wind for the young ones to get off their lawn, networks like CBS, FOX ABC, and NBC have been trying to fend off the changing trends in how viewers watch programming for years.

The latest upstart to draw the ire of the old guard, Aereo, has already won a small fight in court against the likes of CBS in New York, when earlier this year the networks alleged Aereo was stealing copyrighted material.

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second District disagreed, allowing Aereo to continue its planned expansion into more than 20 new markets, including Boston, later this month.

That hasn't stopped CBS from continuing to pursue Aereo like a fugitive across state lines.

Aere-go again

Anticipating more trouble from CBS, which promised to pursue further litigation against Aereo, the streaming service filed a declatory judgment against the network and its affiliates.

"The fact that CBS didn't prevail in its efforts to enjoin Aereo in its existing federal lawsuit doesn't entitle the company to a do-over in another jurisdiction," Aereo spokeswoman Virginia Lam told CNET.

"We are hopeful that any such efforts to commence duplicative lawsuits to try to seek a different outcome will be rejected by the courts."

For its part, CBS was having none of Aereo's public posturing, claiming the streaming service was performing "illegal" actions, and doesn't intend to give up its fight quite so easily.

"These public relations and legal maneuvers do not change the fundamentally illegal nature of Aereo's supposed business," said CBS spokesman Dana McClintock.

"The issue of unauthorized streaming of copyrighted television programming is now being contested in the 2nd Circuit and the 9th Circuit, and wherever Aereo attempts to operate there will be vigorous challenges to its illegal business model."

Battleground states

With expansion plans taking Aereo across the U.S. through the rest of 2013, what happens next in Boston could prove to be an indicator of CBS' chances around the States.

With New York already giving Aereo a pass, it will be interesting to see which cities back big networks, particularly in locales like Philadelphia, home to NBC.

Aereo will supposedly have the power of AT&T, DirecTV and Dish on its side, as it is currently in talks with those providers for a partnership.

The Boston service isn't set to go live until May 15, but we'll be keeping a close eye on further developments in this ongoing war as Aereo spreads throughout the U.S.