3D ticket sales hit a record low in US - is pricing the problem?

3D ticket sales hit a record low in US, is pricing the problem?
3D or not 3D? That is the question

US ticket sales for Disney Pixar's Brave have been the worst so far for a 3D blockbuster and some are blaming expensive ticket sales.

According to Hollywood Reporter, there's a problem with 3D movies in the US at the moment as they are not hitting the giddy heights of Avatar.

Speaking to a number of distributors it seems that price is to blame, as the general public are getting a little sick of having to pay a premium for a 3D movie and this is putting off people coming to the cinema.

"Prices are too high. We've turned our business into appointment moviegoing, at least domestically. There's no more generic moviegoing," said an unnamed distributor.

Hit and miss

Interestingly, cinema box-office isn't suffering too much. In a summer of hits – from the Avengers to The Hunger Games – revenue is at an all-time high. But this isn't offsetting box-office disasters, such as John Carter and Battleship.

The studios don't seem to be too worried, though, as 3D is working in other countries – with China being standout.

"3D doesn't have to justify its existence domestically to remain valid. The primary benefits lie across the oceans," explained one studio head to Hollywood Reporter.

One cinema chain in the UK is hoping that novelty will help bring in punters. Showcase Cinemas is offering limited edition Katy Perry glasses to those who want to watch Katy Perry: Part of Me in 3D.

If that doesn't put anyone off, nothing will.

Via Hollywood Reporter

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