10% of UK TV viewing now time shifted

10% of UK TV viewing now time shifted
TV - playing by your rules

New figures suggest that more people in the UK than ever before are shunning scheduled TV viewing in favour of time-shifting.

Latest viewing figures from BARB (the Broadcaster's Audience Research Board) suggest that 10 per cent of all TV viewing during the week ending 25 September 2011 was done on a time shift – whether this was playback through PVRs, DVD-recorders or VCRs or via catch-up services available through the TV.

It's not as if consumers are waiting days to watch their favourite programmes on catch-up, however, as BARB has revealed that 48 per cent of those time shifting watch the TV show on the same day it was scheduled to go out, just at a different time.

Soap dodgers

What's even more impressive is that 20 per cent of all drama shows watched during the week in question were on catch-up, while 16 per cent of soaps were watched on a time shift.

If you just look at those who are using PVRs, it seems that 32 per cent of all dramas were watched at a time that was not the same as the show's scheduled time slot.

BARB has been measuring web on-demand services for TV since June, so expect more information about the UK's changing television habits in the coming months.

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