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Sony AG8 drops to just £1,299 at John Lewis before Black Friday

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If you’ve got your eye on an LG OLED this holiday season, you might want to give this Sony AG8 OLED deal from John Lewis (opens in new tab) some serious consideration - it cuts the price of Sony’s high-end screen from £1,799 to just £1,299 after a £500 discount.  

The TV up for grabs is the Sony Bravia KD55AG8 that features Sony's X1 Extreme 4K HDR processor, Acoustic Surface Audio that trades traditional speakers for actuators that vibrate the panel and built-in YouView.

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Sony Bravia KD55AG8 £1,799 £1,299 at John Lewis (opens in new tab)
Most of the year, Sony OLED TVs are way outside the bounds of what most people would spend on a new TV, but this excellent deal puts Sony's 2019 AG8 Series within arm's reach. (The deal starts on November 6 and runs through December 2)

So how does this Sony OLED stack up against LG's 2019 lineup? Quite well, actually. 

For around the same price as this AG8 deal you could certainly snag the new LG B9 OLED that uses LG's alpha a7 Gen2 processor and comes with webOS instead of Android TV, but the upscaling is a bit better with Sony's X1 Extreme in our opinion. 

While you might find a good deal on LG's OLED models among John Lewis' Black Friday deals later this month, it's not a bad idea to jump on this one early just in case they sell out by the time Black Friday rolls around.

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