You can now install the finished version of macOS Sierra

MacOS Sierra

Earlier this week, we heard that macOS Sierra would be officially launched on September 20, but you don't have to wait until then to experience the new operating system, because Apple has made the final release candidate available today.

As the name suggests, this is the finished version which will be shipping to Mac users worldwide a week on Tuesday – barring the last-minute discovery of any major gremlins in the works, in which case the OS will obviously have to be tweaked to remove those bugs.

At any rate, macOS beta testers can nab the final release version over at the Mac App Store.

If you're not already a beta tester, not to worry, you can simply sign up over at Apple's beta software page, where you can get a redemption code for the macOS Sierra GM (gold master) candidate to enable you to download it. For full instructions on how to proceed, check out our handy guide on how to download the macOS Sierra beta.

Get those goodies

And then all the goodies of macOS Sierra will be there for the taking. They include Siri on the desktop, a Universal Clipboard (to allow for direct cutting and pasting between iOS and macOS devices), an upgraded file system, the ability to unlock your Mac simply by being near to the machine with your Apple Watch or iOS device, and many more features.

For the full details of system requirements and the Macs which will run the new OS, check out this post – note that the necessary hardware spec has been increased since El Capitan.

Apple has also released the final candidate of iOS 10 to beta testers, ahead of the official release of the mobile OS next Tuesday (September 13).

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