See how switching broadband could save you up to £192 a year

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Broadband users that stay with their provider after their minimum term contract has ended could suffer price hikes of up to £192 a year, according to the latest research from consumer champion Which?.

The study of entry-level broadband and phone deals across the 12 biggest UK providers, some of the prices go up by a whopping 60% after the contract end - a cost that can be easily avoided if you hunt down the latest best broadband deals when your term ends.

It says that the biggest price jump Virgin Media's 50Mb contract which, after the 12-month contract ends, jumps by an extra £16 per month for a total of £192 in the year. TalkTalk also charges more after the contract ends with a 60% rise on its Faster Fibre Broadband package from £22.45 to £36 per month which is a hefty £162 over the year.

The Post Office's £24 per month contract jumps 54 percent to £37, so £156 over the year. John Lewis' Broadband Fibre hikes up by 38 percent from £27.50 to £38 aka £126 per year. Price jumps also appear on EE, BT, Sky, SSE, Vodafone and Plusnet deals.

From February, new rules mean that providers will have to notify customers that their contracts are ending and inform them of better tariffs - but only from that provider. So it pays to have a list of all the greatest broadband deals across suppliers. 

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