Samsung patents 'The Wall Luxury' TV – more big screen excess on the way

Samsung's The Wall TV was one of the stand-out products at CES 2018, a giant (146-inch as standard) MicroLED set that, being made up of modular panels, could be configured to any size or format needed. Impressive as it was, it seemed unlikely to make it to homes and would instead be destined for commercial applications.

Could that be about to change, courtesy of a hint in a newly-uncovered patent? LetsGoDigital has spotted that, alongside a listing for the commercially-focussed The Wall Professional, Samsung has also claimed the name 'The Wall Luxury', suggesting a consumer-orientated, high-end variant for the home could be being planned.

Listed with the Korean Intellectual Property Rights Information Service, at the very least it shows that Samsung intends for The Wall to be more than a conceptual one-off, with different models aimed at different users or scenarios.

QLED update

The site also suggests that Samsung is continuing to make waves with its self-emitting QLED TV design, with it applying for a patent for a Micro QLED TV. 

This is similar to how The Wall's MicroLED array functions, with self-emitting pixels used that do not require a backlight. Samsung's standard QLED TVs are not self-emitting, and the naming here suggests that Micro QLED could combine the best of both worlds.

Samsung's yet to confirm wider release plans for The Wall after its CES showing, but all points here towards it being a key part of its ongoing TV strategy going forward.

Gerald Lynch

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