Samsung Health app faces a battle on patent violation

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South Korean tech giant Samsung has been served a lawsuit over patent infringement by Fat Statz, LLC, a healthcare company based in California. The company has alleged that Samsung Health app is running in its patented technology which is pre-installed on some of Samsung's smartphones and most of its wearables. 

The patent in contention here is U.S. Patent No. 9,757,066 which was issued in 2017 and is currently owned by Fat Statz. The company is claiming that the technology in the patent was developed by it to provide real time motivating feedback and for giving rewards for dieting and exercising. 

The technology allows real-time data comparison among its users and places them into different ranks.

It is about offering motivation

According to Fat Statz the technology in the patent could help decrease the overweight population of adults in the United States as the data it provides creates a measurable motivational environment. The company is also claiming that the inventions in the patent are unique and are an “inventive concept.”

The Samsung Health app, which Fat Statz is alleging has its technology incorporated, is available preloaded on Galaxy S series, the Galaxy Note series, the Galaxy A series, the Galaxy Z series, and “wearables” including some Galaxy watches and Galaxy Fit. The technology used in the app is supposedly infringing  claims 1 and 3 of the Fat Statz’s patent.

The lawsuit was served to Samsung on April 15th and the company is expected to file its response by May 6th.

Features of the Health App  

The app helps users achieve their fitness goals by providing meaningful data based on the preferences set by users themselves. Users can manage all fitness activities, track body weight and keep tabs on diet plans either via  wearable gadgets or a supported Samsung Galaxy device. 

The app keeps track of  sleep and stress tracker levels. It also informs users about food and water intake, whether one has exceeded the daily allotted caffeine limit.

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