Rode's new AI-Micro turns your phone into a portable audio recording studio

Portable smartphone audio interface: Rode AI-Micro
(Image credit: Rode)

Renowned microphone and audio brand Rode has today announced the AI-Micro – a compact audio interface that allows you to directly record two channels of high quality audio into your smartphone, computer or tablet.

There's little in the way of alternatives for such a simple and affordable recording solution for smartphones, especially iPhones, with Apple's old Camera Connection Kit (now discontinued) being one of the few workaround methods of running an external audio source into your phone.

Portable audio interface for smartphones: Rode AI-Micro

(Image credit: Rode)

The device features two 3.5mm inputs for independently recording via a pair of microphones, and one of these inputs can automatically detect when a single stereo microphone is used instead.

A 3.5mm headphone output can be used to monitor incoming audio and the device can connect to iOS, Android, Windows or Mac devices thanks to the three included cables, which sport either USB-C, USB-A or Lightning connections.

As for portability, the unit measures a mere 40 x 38 x 11mm and weighs just 13g, so it's very easy to bundle into an existing kit with a lavalier microphone or similarly compact unit.

On the compatibility front, the AI-Micro works seamlessly with Rode Connect (the desktop application for streamers and podcasters), as well as Rode Central (the companion app for the five-star Rode Wireless Go II) and Rode Reporter (a simple mobile recording app).

The Rode AI-Micro retails for $70 / AU$130 (about £60) and is available to pre-order from today, with official availability yet to be announced.

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