In pictures: Samsung M1, R1 and R0 PMPs

Samsung's YP-R1 is very much a PMP that rocks to its own beat. Part of Samsung's new Beat range, the device is available in a number of colours – we tried one out in shocking pink.

samsung r1

The R1 is a touch smaller than its bigger brother M1. It does come equipped with a 2.6-inch touchscreen, but this feels a little on the small side for a touchscreen device.

Saying that, as it is only 8.9mm thick, the player is pretty thin and almost weightless with it. At 50g, it hardly feels like you have got anything in your hand at all.

samsung r1

One interesting feature the R1 sports is something that's already been around on Samsung's Beat range of phones.

Essentially, the 'Beat DJ' function lets users add voice and sound effects to music tracks and you can actually scratch the 'records' you are listening too. A quick try of this left TechRadar slightly underwhelmed – more gimmick than revelation.

As with the M1, the R1 has an AMOLED screen, with a TouchWiz UI. It also packs either 8GB or 16GB storage capacity and you will be able to play all your DivX files on the PMP.

samsung r1

The YP-R1 will retail for £129.99 (8GB) and £149.99 (16GB) and will be out sometime later this month.

Samsung's YP-R0

When it comes to the YP-R0, the PMP is a different-looking beast from its brethren. For a start the machine has actually got buttons (shock, horror!), with Samsung calling the device a "study in practicality".

While this makes it sound like a much more studious PMP, it's still a nice bit of tech kit.

samsung r0

Details for the player have been around for some time now, but Samsung eventually decided to unveil the player at IFA for the UK market.

It certainly does feel chunky in the hand, but it does have some interesting features to compensate for its weight. These include a microSD card slot, which means you can boost the player's memory. This is a good thing, as Samsung has decided only to release the R0 with an 8GB capacity. Also included on the player is an FM radio.

As for the size of the screen, the R0 matches the R1 at just 2.6-inches.

samsung r0

The Samsung YP-R0 is out later in September with pricing to be announced.