Goodmans reveals DAB/FM/MP3 player gadget

This Denon DAB/FM/MP3 player could be the first of an influx of similar combi devices

Goodmans has begun selling its new Pocket DAB/FM radio and MP3 combi player. The sporty-looking GMP31G7DAB Personal DAB/FM Radio and MP3 Player looks pretty compact and has 1GB of internal memory.

With this gadget you can listen to either DAB Radio or your own music when you're on the move. And with 1GB of flash memory inside, there should be room for about 240 of your favourite tracks as MP3s. You can also record straight from DAB, converting directly to MP3 at 192kbit/s.

The GMP31G7DAB can play MP3s for 40 hours continuously without having to recharge. You get 10 hours playback with DAB due to its built in long life Li-ion battery.

"Discover many of the exclusive channels now available on DAB Radio. With no frequencies or figures to remember, the 'One Touch DAB station scan' allows you to explore stations alphabetically at the touch of a button and then save to one of the 10 station presets," said a Goodmans spokesperson.

Bargain price

The GMP31G7DAB features a voice recorder which Goodmans says is great for students and regular note takers. There's a backlit two line LCD display, with an easy to use graphical user interface as well. It has a high speed USB 2.0 port for fast and easy file transfer and antenna/earphones are also supplied.

It retails at around £70 which is a fair price for a gadget this versatile.

James Rivington

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