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Samsung's NaBee unwires your digital camera

Samsung cuts wires with its new NaBee
Samsung cuts wires with its new NaBee

Here's a fun little gadget from Photokina - a pair of wireless dongles that can download your digital camera pictures in a flash.

The NaBee (eh?) from Samsung uses Wireless USB technology to beam images at 'up to' 60MB/s at a range of 3 metres, dropping to 13MB/s at 10 metres - meaning a 2GB card should transfer in around half a minute.

NaBee talk

NaBee works by plugging a dongle into your camera (yes, awkward sockets will cause problems) and another into a USB port on your computer. It uses the Wireless USB standard, which is itself based on the new Ultra Wideband (UWB) system.

The multi-channel device should work worldwide (UWB's 3.1-10.6GHz frequency spectrum is subject to licensing hassles around the globe), and Samsung promises that it will be widely available (in the US at least) in time for Christmas.

No concrete pricing, but we can't see anyone paying much more than about $30 (£17) for it. Ideally, we'll be seeing this technology built into cameras - and camcorders particularly - within a year or so.