Vodafone details Android Jelly Bean plans, but offers few clues

Vodafone details Android Jelly Bean plans, but offers few clues
Jelly Bean handset lottery begins

The standard Android update merry-go-round has begun to spin following the announcement of Jelly Bean last week, and Vodafone has gone on record about its plans.

The mobile network, like its rival O2, says it will be prompt in rolling out the Android 4.1 update once the skinned versions of the operating system is passed out to it by handset manufacturers.

A Vodafone spokesperson told Know Your Mobile: "If a manufacturer is developing a Jelly Bean update for a device that we sell, we will work with them to ensure it's available as soon as possible for Vodafone customers - which is the same approach we adopt for all software updates.

"Availability of any Android update is dependent on successful testing and approval by Vodafone, the manufacturer and Google to ensure it provides customers with the best possible experience."

Don't hold your breath

Effectively, this is what the networks have been doing all along.

They need sign-off from the likes of Samsung and HTC, who are yet to even announce their plans for Jelly Bean, before they can embark on, often lengthy, testing periods.

This, combined with the strange means of prioritising handsets for updates, makes the Android update process so fragmented and what gives iPhone owners such an advantage in this arena.

However, Vodafone was also quick to praise its own track record in bringing Android updates to its customers.

"In many cases Vodafone customers are among the first to receive new Android updates in the UK, sometimes even before the open market version has been released."

Via: Know Your Mobile

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