Truphone lands in Hong Kong

Truphone expands
Truphone expands its reach for travellers and businesses alike.

As global roaming becomes more and more of an issue worldwide, Truphone has announced that it is launching its services in Hong Kong, which is the UK-based company's first expansion into Asia.

Truphone provides customers with SIMs that can have multiple numbers connected it, as well as allow you to be charged at standard local rates rather than international roaming rates in countries where the company has partnerships with local carrier operators.

"With Truphone, we now enable our customers to have a virtual local presence together with a Hong Kong phone number, making it easier to stay in touch with customers and suppliers in Asia," said Alex Blinko, the managing director of Truphone Australia.

"As executives travel to do business in Hong Kong, Truphone keeps them seamlessly connected via a business class mobile network that offers the advantage of local calls, SMS and data rates."

New roaming faces

While all three major Australian telcos have looked at global roaming quite thoroughly this year, with Vodafone creating its Red plans, and Optus and Telstra restructuring their international rates and data packs, it doesn't do away with the extra charges entirely.

Vodafone has created perhaps the closest to Truphone's offering, charging a $5 cap each day you use your plan as you would in your home country, with the UK, US and New Zealand the only counties available eligible for this Roam Like Home plan.

Truphone on the other hand, has a "Truphone Zone", which includes Australia, Hong Kong, UK, US, and the Netherlands.

These countries are treated as just one territory for voice, data and SMS, though regional bundles for cheap roaming rates can also be applied for in Asia Pacific, North America and European regions.

"We want to see an end to 'second SIMs' and make connecting globally a seamless part of everyday life," Blinko said.

Global business edge

Truphone believes that its expansion into Hong Kong means a big boost for businesses too.

"Hong Kong is a major financial hub which attracts multinational corporations looking to expand the reach of their business beyond Hong Kong into Asia and China," said Dr Alex Ip, senior vice president for Asia Pacific, Truphone.

"I believe we offer a unique and highly innovative product to bring customers closer to their international contacts, and to make them more productive. We want to see an end to 'second SIMs' and make connecting globally a seamless part of everyday life.

Beyond fighting bill shock and relying on Wi-Fi when roaming for all customers, multinational business will be able to people from different countries onto one global, multi-currency bill.

"Truphone is the only network which can provide this global service to enable customers to truly connect their businesses globally," Ip said.