The iPhone 6 SE could be the iPhone 7 in disguise

iPhone 6S

The iPhone 7 launch is just weeks away, but there are suggestions that it will carry a different name, perhaps the iPhone 6 SE for example. That theory has been given more weight by a new benchmark, which shows a handset dubbed the iPhone 6 SE achieving very high scores.

The phone achieves a single-core result of 3042 and a multi-core score of 5210, which is up from the 4417 multi-core score the iPhone 6S managed in our tests, suggesting this is indeed a new phone, with a new A10 chipset.

An image of the result, which was reported by iNews in China and spotted by GSMArena, also shows that the device is running iOS 10, which the iPhone 7, or whatever it ends up being called, will almost certainly launch with.

iPhone 6 SE benchmark

Alongside the benchmark results, the user who posted them also revealed a few additional details about the phone, like that it will apparently have the same True Tone display tech as the iPad Pro 9.7, which allows the screen to dynamically adjust its white balance to suit your environment.

However, as expected, the iPhone 7 (or iPhone 6 SE) will apparently have a 4.7-inch 750 x 1334 display, just like the iPhone 6S.

The leaker also revealed that the rumored pressure-sensitive home button won't make an appearance, so instead you'll be clicking the button as usual.

Learning from the G5

While the bulk of the information was centered on the iPhone 7, the leaker also shared some details on the iPhone 7 Plus, which they claimed will have a dual-lens camera similar to the LG G5's, meaning the two cameras will have different focal lengths.

Finally, the leaker claimed that Apple will keep selling the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus once the new models arrive, but that the gold and rose gold colors will be discontinued.

We would of course take all of this with a huge helping of salt, especially the iPhone 6 SE name, which we can't see Apple using, as given that the iPhone SE is a budget model it makes the phone sound like a cheaper alternative to the iPhone 6S.

But the rest of the information at least makes sense, as the iPhone 7 is bound to be more powerful than the iPhone 6S and is likely to have a True Tone screen. We'll know for sure soon, as Apple is rumored to be announcing the iPhone 7 on September 7.

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